Weaving preparation / Winding / Yarn Colouring & Finishing

Use our know-how in the production of raw, bleached and coloured warp beams, which are produced on our modern warping and sizing machines (with a width of up to 420 cm). Special designs are made on our cone warping machine.

In our yarn department we finish yarns made from natural and synthetic fibers for knitted, woven fabrics and special technical articles. Possible finishing processes are bleaching, dyeing and special treatments of cheeses (cross-wound bobbins) or warp beams.

Winding rounds off the processes in the yarn finishing department.

Production departments

1. weaving preparation plant

  • production of multicoloured and plain warps
  • warp beam width max. 420 cm
  • warp beam diameter max. 125 cm

2. Yarn dyeing & finishing

  • rewinding
  • cheese and cone dyeing from 1 to 396 packages for virtually all fibre mixtures
  • warp beam dyeing