Pretreatment, Dyeing and Finishing

Our pretreatment, dyeing and finishing department with its modern and large machinery offers you plenty of possibilities to fulfil your needs and requirements:

Singeing, Washing, Bleaching, Fixation, Tumbling, Calendering, Dyeing, Shearing

A little wider if you please. The pre-treatment and finishing is especially designed for processes of fabrics with a width of up to 340 cm. Our fully automatical controlled dyeing machines are specialized to treat flat woven, pile, knitted and nonwoven goods.

Our dry and wet finishing machines give your products special properties and qualities which are essential for further use as garment, household or technical textiles.

Production departments

3. pre-treatment

  • singeing/CPB bleaching to 340 cm
  • washing/desizing/bleaching to 340 cm

4. dyeing

  • HT-beam-dyeing to 320 cm
  • jig dyeing to 340 cm
  • rape dyeing to 340 cm
  • winch-dyeing 80 kg to 600kg
  • jet-dyeing 15kg to 450kg

5. dry-finishing

  • singeing to 360 cm
  • calendars to 320 cm
  • tumbling
  • drying/thermal fixing to 340 cm
  • furniture velours shearing to 140 cm