Process engineering & Quality management / Laboratory

Our process engineering supports you in the development and improvement of exiting products. Our material experts develop the matching recipes and procedures for production.

Due to continuous improvements of the formulations, processes and manufacturing facilities seemingly small steps can bring about major savings, product improvements and last but not least competitive advantages for our customers.

Our certified quality management system guides all measurements and procedures which serve the continuing improvements of our processes. This ensures a professional implementation.

Your vision is our challenge. We would be pleased to inform you about what we can do for you, either here at Eing or at your company.

Production departments

10. Laboratory

  • quality control of wash, light fastness, tenacity, spray test, water retention, shrinkage/dimensional change, formaldehyde concentration, colorimetry, e.g.
  • colour matching
  • finishing and coating recipes
  • Small production runs in laboratory scale
  • certificates