Rotary printing & Colouration

Time is money: Within a very short time we turn your design in our colouration department in a print-ready production template. Naturally we can also offer you the corresponding printing template. If desired, we can provide a sample of your pattern before starting production.

The flat surfaces can be printed in widths of up to 300 cm and up to 16 colours in the dye classes pigment, reactive or dispersion.

Production departments

6. rotary printing

  • rotary screen printing machine 16 colours to 280 cm
  • rotary screen printing machine 10 colours to 300 cm
  • max. repeat length 102 cm

7. colouration

  • colour matching of different colour classes (pigment- / reactive- / dispersion printing) on different surfaces
  • sample of patterns from 5 to 20 m